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Hype Floats American Apparel 50/50 Pocket T-Shirt

Image of Hype Floats American Apparel 50/50 Pocket T-Shirt

$18.00 - On Sale

This is it what you've all been waiting for.....okay what most of you didn't even know was coming. Our first T has been made with the utmost quality, consisting of an American Apparel 50/50 (that's 50% cotton, 50% polyester) pocket T with our logo professionally printed on the pocket (my mom didn't even do it this time). So buy it, enjoy it, wear it, and rep Hype Floats. There are less than 50 of these available since I made my parents and DJ the Blogman buy some, so if you want one you can probably just think it over for a few days and then purchase it. The model used to be a spry 172 when he was in shape, and is sporting a size L. Just go ahead and get whatever size you would normally wear in American Apparel.